“Encouraging little hands in the garden

by bringing out the little gardener for your

next event or Shopping Centre promotion”

What is it?

The Veggie Patch Program is a hands on gardening experience for children aged 2 and upwards.

We have designed a range of purpose- built gardening stations that are targeted for either indoor or outdoor use. These structures are in forms of both trailers and tables with a variety of sizes to choose from. You can design your perfect event around our functional and educational platforms.

“The fully staffed gardening stations allow children to comfortably
plant their own seedling to take home and care for.”

What we do

We provide children with an experience where they have the opportunity to plant their own seedlings. This is done with the use of our eco-friendly Biopots. These can be easily transplanted into the home garden.

Although we normally work with tomato seedlings for school visits and single day events, we also provide a range of seedlings for multiple day activations.

*Example Menu

This helps to promote return visits thoughout the days to add to the collection.

We also special order themed

seedling for special dates.


For example: Christmas, 
Mothers Day, etc.


Why what we do is important

Studies have indicated Australian children have inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, leading to obesity and related health problems.

By providing hands on experience of growing food and a sense of ownership of the process, the Vegie Patch Program is a fantastic way to excite children about nutrition and help overcome some of the social factors affecting children’s consumption of fruit and vegetables.


Who is it for?

The Veggie Patch Program can cater from ages 2 and upwards.

We have also found this activation quite popular with adults of all ages and can cater for that too.

Branding opportunities and Social Media

There are opportunities for your business/event to have branding in the form of worksheets or stickers that the children add to their pots.

We also use social media to promote and advertise our presence at your event. We do this throughout our social media channels such as ‘Little Green Thumbs’ Facebook page.

How many children can we cater for?

Due to the design of the gardening stations we can work with up to 12 children at a time.

Being a relatively quick activity we can cater for large numbers if needed. 

For example, over a 4 hour period we can work with up to 600 children if needed.

Naturally, participant estimations will be factored into the pricing.

Coming from an early education background, we understand the importance of minimal mess.

The design of the Gardening stations helps contain any mess to the bench rather than the floor.

We are also prepared for any spills of soil that may occur during this process.

After planting, the children are provided with a paper carry bag to ensure the plant stays safe for the trip home. The participants will also have access to hand wipes if required.

For indoor activations flooring is recommended. Often this is provided by the Shopping Centre, although we are happy to help with this if needed.

“Perfect for School holidays and events,

The Veggie Patch Program brings an environmental and nutritional avenue to your business”.


We can provide quotes for 1 day events or multiple activations (e.g. School holidays).

Please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

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