Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you gave our students.
It was so funny and engaging, every single student was under your spell!
We can’t wait to have you back next year.”

Rebecca McNeill, Year 2 teacher,

St Oliver Plunkett Primary School, Cannon Hill

What is it

Tomato Patch Program is a performance-based program for children, introducing them to the wonders of nature, providing environmental awareness and hands on experience. The program is designed for toddlers to middle school aged children.

The Tomato Patch Program has 3 main elements to the education session. Followed by a hands on planting experience. 


What we do


The program begins with an interactive story that involves the children by encouraging them to help create a scenario where a series of adventures take place. Using props and guided questions, the children are drawn into an imaginative story where a small seed develops into a magnificent sunflower. This introduction exposes children to the life cycle of plants in a simple and entertaining way whilst also giving them an opportunity to express their creative abilities.


We then take a look at what it takes to become a ‘mini’ gardener. A range of tools are demonstrated and the children are taught about the safety precautions necessary when working outside. There is emphasis on sun safety, backyard hazards and the correct way to use and care for tools. Various plant types from around the world are displayed and discussed, leading into a brainstorming session of the value of edible plants and healthy eating habits.


At this point the children are able to transplant tomato seedlings into their own pots. This is done at a purpose built mobile ‘potting station’, providing each child with soil, seedlings and a 140mm pot suitable for full growth of their own edible plants. These plants can be taken home where the children can continue to grow and maintain them using the knowledge gained through this experience. 

Cultivating Little Green Thumbs

Step 1.

The children approach the potting station.

Step 2.

The children fill their pots with organic soil.

Step 3.

Each child receives their own tomato seedling.

Step 4.

They can then plant their seedling into their pot.

Step 5.

The children are encouraged to wash their hands.

Step 6.

They are then able to take their tomato plants home and watch them grow.

Why what we do is important

Studies have indicated Australian children have inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, leading to obesity and related health problems. By providing hands on experience of growing food and a sense of ownership of the process, the Tomato Patch Program is a fantastic way to excite children about nutrition and help overcome some of the social factors affecting children’s consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Who we cater for

The Tomato Patch Program cater from ages 2 to 12 years.

How many Children do we cater for

Due to the design of the gardening stations we can work with up to 12 children at a time.
The presentation component of this program can be delivered to as many as 100 children at a time, if needed.


$10 per Child.
Minimum of $300 (30 Children)
All prices include GST

Coming from an early education background,
we understand the importance of minimal mess.

The design of the Gardening trailer helps contain any mess
to the bench rather than the ground.

We are also prepared for any spills of soil that may
occur during this process.

Key learning areas for curriculum:

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