“The Little Builders Program is a great activity and support for STEAM and outdoor learning for all primary levels”

Adam France – Teacher/Author

What is it?

The Little Builders Program is a hands on program developed for children with the aim to introduce simple woodworking skills as well as focusing on tool safety.

At the end of the LBP, each child will take home their very own creation. We have the choice of either a Toolbox or a Marble Maze.

What we do

LBP begins with a brief group discussion about all the different buildings and creations throughout the world. Anything from Skyscrapers to robots.  We then have a look at some of the tools a builder may use, as well as things that could be found at home. There is a big focus on safety and correct use of tools. After this presentation, the group breaks up into smaller groups of up to 12 at a time. Each child gets a turn at building one of the creations using one of our purpose made building stations. This is done with the use of glue, screws and pre-cut timber that fits perfectly into the stations, allowing extra support whilst creating.

Both the Toolbox and the Marble Maze allow opportunities for individual artwork to be added, allowing the children the opportunity to add a unique flare to their creation.



Who is it for?

The Little Builders Program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

How many children can we cater for?

The presentation part can be done with whole or multiple classes. Following that, groups of up to 12 at a time can begin their creations. Each group would need roughly 20 minutes at the building stations.

Coming from an early education background, we understand the importance of minimal mess.

The design of the work stations helps contain any mess to the bench rather than the floor.

We are also prepared for any spills of glue that may occur during this process.

The participants have access to hand wipes if required.

For indoor activations flooring is recommended. Often this is provided by the Shopping Centre, although we are happy to help with this if needed.


$14 per Child

Minimum of $308 (22 Children)

All prices include GST

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