“Colourful minds our new creative experience
for your budding young artists”

What is it?

Colourful Minds is a creative and vivid art experience for children aged 4 and onwards.

We have designed multiple aesthetically pleasing, safe art easel structures, that can easily accommodate large groups of children to participate in the setting of your choice. This open easel style layout keeps this a highly functional workspace with plenty of room for LGT staff and for parental supervision. Most importantly the ease of use and general interactions inspire children to explore a nature-based art program.

The staggered heights of the poster clips on the purpose-built easels enables children aged 4 and onwards to participate.

Perfect for School holidays and events.
Little Green Thumbs brings an artistic and colourful avenue to your business.

Little Green Thumbs have created a range of fun and educational stencils as well as open-framed posters to allow for free creative expression.

We also cater for seasonal promotions with stencils such as Christmas wrapping paper and New Year Calendars, perfect for the December-January School holidays.

Branding opportunities and Social Media

There is an opportunity for your business or event to have your branding or logo printed on all stencils used.

We also use social media to promote and advertise our presence at your event. We do this throughout our social media channels such as ‘Little Green Thumbs’ Facebook page

How many children can we cater for?

With two easels in use, we can cater for up to 16 children at any given time. The activity can range between 5 and 15 minutes. For example, in a 4-hour period we can comfortably work with 250 to 300 children.

Coming from an early education background, we understand the importance of minimal mess. In this program we use acrylic-based water paints as these are non-staining and washable.  The water paints used are quick drying, enabling the children to take their artwork home following the activity.

The design of the easels provides the perfect opportunity for the children to work on their art project whilst keeping clean.

For indoor use, we provide large mats to protect the flooring. The participants will also have access to hand-wipes if required.


We can provide quotes for 1 day events or multiple activations (e.g. School holidays).

Please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

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