“Little Green Thumbs is an educational, exciting and innovative way for children to discover and investigate the natural world and to build a healthy respect and understanding for nature, art, nutrition and the environment”.

Andrew Addenbrooke, Founder of LGT

How We started

Little Green Thumbs is the brainchild of Andrew Addenbrooke. He spent many years teaching pre-school children throughout Brisbane and Northern NSW. Holding qualifications within Early Education Little Green Thumbs started as the Tomato Patch Program. We have over the last decade mastered the craft of engaging students, teachers, parents, patrons and little green thumbs.

Why what we do is Important

Little Green Thumbs programs are designed around the environment, art, healthy choices and sustainable living. At LGT we combine aspects from environmental, artistic and educational fields.

Programs for Schools and Early Education

Our Tomato Patch Program has proven to be a real success story. Our unique way of teaching is not only by a visual presentation, but a “hands on” experience for all children involved. Children are invited to watch and participate in an educational show.

With focus on such aspects such as healthy eating and environmental awareness, every child has the opportunity to plant their own seeding to take home and care for. The hands-on process all takes place at the mobile gardening trailer which has been purposely built for this experience.


Shopping Centres and events

The Colourful minds experience has been created to bring the little artist out within. Utilising purpose built art easels, we can make your next shopping centre or event a memorable one.

Our Veggie Patch Program has taken the hands-on approach learning into your Shopping Centre or at your event. Depending on the location we can use either one of our purpose built gardening trailers or tables.

Andrew Addenbrooke, founder of “Little Green Thumbs”, with his son Louis.

What areas do we service


Brisbane and Surrounds

Sunshine Coast and Surrounds

Gold Coast and Surrounds

Northern Rivers area NSW

Jamie Durie

Ranger Stacey

Matthew Hayden

Costa Georgiadis

Jessica Mauboy

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